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We're now Robyn Hill Counseling & Associates, LLC because we are growing!  Our mission is shifting to focus on trauma-informed and trauma-recovery treatment, while we continue to serve our communities.  Click below to meet the growing team!

​Is it a good time to seek counseling?

When is it time to seek counseling?  Well, for each person it is different.  This is because everyone has their own breaking point – a point where stress or trauma becomes so overwhelming, that it becomes harder to engage in normal, everyday activities.  If your stress is interfering with your sleep, parenting, or work then it is probably a good time to get assistance to work through the issues.

What are Mental Wellness Workshops?

Robyn Hill has created in-person small groups and an on online learning community to help foster mental wellness and soul-care.  These workshops are not therapy, but are to continue you on your journey for personal growth.  These are holistic and will address body, mind, and spirit to help you achieve balance in your daily living and healing.

How can I help your organization?
Are you a social service or educational organization that needs help servicing the community that you serve?
 I offer various professional services to assist your organization.  I also provide trainings for your staff to help them understand the people that make up your clientele in order to better serve them.    For more information click the tab to visit the Professional Development page.
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